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Youth leader dating student waiting

Syukri said it was a common perception among the people that there have been no significant changes in their lives since PH wrested federal power last May.

So why aren’t more churches inspiring, equipping and unleashing their young people to engage evangelistically with their peers?Millions upon millions of Christians attend these churches—and, yet, this country is not reached for Christ. After all, evangelism is the domain of the greats like Graham, Palau and Laurie, not common people like Larry, Curly and Joe Schmo. Let’s stop waiting for the bigwigs of evangelism to roll into town, and start going ourselves to make disciples of our own next-door neighbors, co-workers, family and friends. ” right in the middle of his longest explanation of the doctrine of election (Rom.9-11.) It is possible to believe in election and to be motivated to snatch others from the fire and save them (Jude 23.) It happens when we stop trying to connect dots that were never meant to be connected.But then, as God provided financially, He turned my prayers toward the Mecca of ministry.I started interceding, not just on behalf of Dare 2 Share (the ministry I lead), but on behalf of my unreached neighbors and friends.

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But, instead of focusing on training and unleashing Christian teenagers (who are searching for a cause) to reach non-Christian teenagers (who are more open to the Gospel), we spend the vast majority of our money on buildings, budgets and Bible studies to minister to adults. It’s time we drop our lame excuses and reach this nation for Jesus Christ.

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