Yue xu dating coach

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Yue xu dating coach

She takes them from inexperienced and shy to confident and desirable. She gives examples of things you’re doing wrong, teaches lessons about dating from relatable subjects and offers other tips and tricks. He posts new videos every week so you can discover all there is to know about getting the girl.

He wants you to be in control of your dating life, and his videos will teach you how to do just that.

She puts her bachelor’s in psychology to good use in analyzing the differences between guys and girls and how we can use those differences to our advantage.

She’ll also teach you how to trick people into thinking you’re good looking – a useful tip for when you want to meet a new person!

Through wisdom and humor, they’ll teach you how to win the love of your life (or at least how to spend your time better on the Internet).

Bragging Rights: more than 200 videos Jenna Marbles, as she is often called, makes You Tube videos for a living.

As a woman, she provides men with the knowledge they need to attract, date and get any girl they want.

Social Clout: 26,215 Twitter followers; 9,630 Facebook likes You Tube Channel: youtube.com/Corey Wayne Twitter Handle: @coachcoreywayne Bragging Rights: “The Man’s Secret Weapon” Good guys get the edge when they learn from Wing.

Why not use the powers of You Tube for good and actually do something good – like enhance your dating ability.

These 13 vloggers will teach you the ins, outs, ups and downs of sex, dating and relationships.

You’ll learn how to snag the woman of your dreams when you have this girl as your wingwoman!

Social Clout: 9,050 Twitter followers; 2,650 Facebook likes You Tube Channel: youtube.com/Marni Wing Twitter Handle: @winggirlmethod Bragging Rights: a regular columnist for Ask Men If you think dating is a game, then Lyons will show you how to bend the rules. He addresses these concerns and more in countless videos.

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Her wit and honesty will keep you entertained for hours.